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MyWorcester App

DRPGdigital have been working with Worcester Bosch – one of the UK’s largest domestic heating manufacturers – for several years. They do not employ any installers directly. Instead, external companies and installers across the UK can join the ‘Worcester Accredited Installer’ (WAI) scheme, where they are rewarded for recommending and installing Worcester Bosch equipment and heating solutions for consumers.

Worcester Bosch saw it as vital to create the best possible experience for installers to deal with them. Therefore, as part of their ongoing vision to simplify their installers’ experience, there was a need for an innovative and unique solution that revolutionised key processes. We created a bespoke app that tackled all the issues collated from research and ensured installers could easily manage their work life.

The key features included:

Registering Guarantees - For every installation, a Worcester Bosch certified guarantee is supplied to the end-consumer, ensuring the equipment is compliant and safe. Each guarantee used to be a fully manual and time-consuming process via an external non-user-friendly portal. We integrated the app with the Worcester Bosch website – which was easy to do as we built the website – so all enquiry forms would be sent directly to local WAI installers via the MyWorcester app.

My Calendar – ‘My Calendar’ enables the installer to organise all appointments. The app also notifies the installer to contact their customers for an annual service after registering a product.

Knowledge Base – With a vast range of technical products, it’s almost impossible for installers to have in-depth knowledge of each one. The in-app knowledge base area allows users to search and find all the up-to-date information in one place; including documents, videos and frequently asked questions.

Fault Finder – Due to the complexity and number of heating solutions, finding the cause of a fault can be a time-consuming and complex process. Built into the app is a fault finder module, allowing the installer to diagnose any issues quickly and easily.

CRM – The ‘My Customers’ area allows installers to manage all customer details in one place, eradicating multiple systems or even paper solutions, working as a 24/7/365 directory.

By bringing all of the functions together, the work-life experience has been revolutionised for Worcester Bosch.

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