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Jaguar Land Rover Mental Health Campaign

In recent years, mental health has become a pressing topic for organisations of all sizes. Jaguar Land Rover realised that awareness of the support available to employees suffering from mental health issues was limited and that resources and channels were relatively unknown.

We worked closely with Jaguar Land Rover to produce an internal, creative campaign with the overall vision of eradicating the negative stigma around mental health that is often perceived. “Let’s Have The Conversation” was, aptly, launched across the organisation in May 2017 as part of mental health awareness week. Adopting a layered rollout approach, an online hub was first produced by DRPGdigital as an accessible place for further support and resources, and to raise awareness of the overall initiative.

Leading up to World Mental Health Day in October, DRPGvideo produced a series of three beautifully crafted films, depicting what mental health issues can often look like. The films, which feature three real Jaguar Land Rover employees, were at the heart of the campaign, making it easier for employees to understand and recognise mental health issues.

In addition, posters, pop-up banners, leaflets, table talkers, digital screen displays, and on-site events were produced and distributed to Jaguar Land Rover locations to ensure that every employee within the organisation was aware of the campaign and the initiative behind it.

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