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Innovista Campaign

The Jaguar Land Rover Innovista internal campaign saw the company draw on the experience and insight of their own team to develop innovations across the business. Our team worked closely with JLR to develop a creative and a brand identity to support the process and its culminating event. With a message platform that 'Innovation comes from within', the objective was to design an identity to the event and awards that would last year-on-year.

Our solution was to create the JLR Molecule Man; a representative of all JLR employees and their unique DNA, that drives their ability to think differently and innovate. The character was created in digital 3D form enabling us to manipulate the design through various forms of communication including online, print and animation. The result was the creation of a visual design that was quickly understood by all and engaged audiences through various mediums to deliver a long lasting, consistent and inspirational message.

The molecule character and branding brought the ideas to life and represented the nature of the programme perfectly to the team members of an innovative and forward-thinking business. The innovista campaign and event delivered almost £150 million worth of value in savings and direct revenue with Innovista scores in employee surveys excelling above other high performing organisations.






savings & direct revenue