Our work

Global Dealer Event

To capitalise on the stellar period they were enjoying, JCB wanted to bring together their dealers and customers from over 40 countries. Not just for a conference: JCB wanted to enable people to appreciate the capabilities of the full JCB product range via demonstrations; which were impossible to replicate in dealerships across the world. JCB were keen to ensure every attendee was 'wowed from the off.' The myriad cultural differences of the 3200 international delegates, who spoke 14 different languages between them, simply added to this project's complexity. 

The highlight of a series of programmes running across five weeks saw JCB's plant machinery at centre stage. By showcasing the staggering capabilities of these vehicles, audiences really did experience a wow-factor. We spent eight months preparing the groundwork at JCB's test track, set aside for the event. Cavernous, temporary structures were erected to allow audiences to be within a digger's length of the stars of the show: dump trucks, excavators and industrial forklifts, scooping, shifting and lifting heavy loads. 28,000 watts of sound cranked up the atmosphere and 578 production lights added drama.

Data was gathered pre and post event, measuring delegates' shift in understanding around key areas of the programme, including perceptions on products and JCB's support mechanisms. Substantial upward shifts were seen across the board. The success of the event persuaded JCB to add four further rotations for local schools to enjoy a similar experience.