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EE City

To be continually recognised as the UK’s #1 provider of connected services and the market leader in 4G innovation, EE required an experiential event and creative thread that would simultaneously showcase their latest service offering and support the strategy to three key target audiences; the media, its sales team and their customer base, both new and prospective. An interactive learning experience was agreed upon; an experience that allowed the 400 guests not only to see and hear about EE’s new offerings, but also to fully understand how those offerings worked in practice.

To showcase EE’s new products the experiential element of this event focused on the future. The concept was to create a stylised cardboard city environment that supported brand messages and palette, providing a lo-fi environment to really allow the hi-fi technology to stand out. The city was to be natural, fun and contextual. It would be an immersive environment with the opportunity for messaging and interaction. We created environments that provided the appropriate backdrop for each of the new products and services and the space surrounding the cityscape included carpeted roadways to guide guests through the city and a range of touch points. Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive, with successful business leads generated and gaining national media coverage.  






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