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Digitalisation Conference

Worcester Bosch, one of the UK’s leading heating manufacturers, required a conference for their 220-strong sales, marketing and senior team, with the aim to increase their position in a competitive market and become more aware of digital channels disrupting their industry.

Held at our 212 studios, the theme and name of the two-day conference was ‘digital transformation’. Interactivity was another influencing theme that flowed throughout the event. We created a team-building exercise designed to demonstrate the difference between varying forms of communication channels, from traditional methods to the latest digital innovations. The aim of the exercise was to build bespoke structures, using the guidance of only one form of communication channel e.g. mobile, email, post or augmented reality.

A ‘Graham Norton’ style chat show area was setup where the senior team - hosted by the Sales & Marketing Director - chatted openly regarding the future strategy and plans for the organisation going forward. Completing the chat show, studio 2 was used as the ‘celebrity green room’ which, of course, included the infamous red chair.

The evening began with a gala dinner and awards ceremony in studio 3.  Surrounding the room was 360-degree projection, keeping the digital and industrial atmosphere flowing. To end the night and utilising all studio space, studio 1 was converted into a cabaret style entertainment club with new stage set, sweeping stair cases and technical support. This is where six pre-auditioned acts competed in their very own ‘Worcester’s got Talent’ show.

The second day was about digging into the detail. Overnight the studios were transformed into seven breakout areas, each one designed to support the overarching theme of digital. Short, high impact interactive sessions looked at the detail, knowledge and actions for the next 12 months. Following these practical learning sessions, the day ended with a final closing session summarising the actions and aspirations for the team.




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