Our work

Army Achievers

Capita commissioned us to devise and deliver a highly visual, creative campaign to appeal to secondary school pupils, aged 11-16 years. The aim was to simplify details of non-combat army roles into a digestible, visual format, allowing the audience to quickly grasp each individual job function. The key message was to illustrate that not all Army roles are infantry.

Our campaign assets included design, print and a wireframe rendered suite of seven representative animated army characters. Having unveiled the Army characters at an annual recruitment fair, the attending school pupils were quickly attracted to the stand. This allowed Capita’s representatives to engage with this notoriously difficult-to-reach audience. Importantly, the reps also took contact details to keep in touch with those who wanted updates on Army career opportunities.

The competition we devised also encouraged the pupils to talk to each of the Capita reps in turn, before they could be entered into a prize draw. This innovative approach has helped the Army attract potential applicants from a broader pool of young people than ever before.