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ABTA Lifeline Animation

ABTA Lifeline helps people in the travel sector, who for one reason or another have fallen on hard times. The help the charity gives can take different forms, from simple money donations, to purchase of goods or awards of grants.

To appeal for more funds supporting the charity's good work, the film had to clearly outline how the donations received are being put to good use. As most of the case studies were rather bleak stories, the people involved didn't want to be filmed; nor would this have been the right approach as it would have drawn too much attention to their back story and less to how ABTA Lifeline was able to help.

To keep the focus on ABTA Lifeline's good work without drawing too much attention on the stories behind the case studies, our creative approach was to employ animation as the ideal vehicle to get the message across. The deliberately endearing animation allowed us more easily to focus on the positives, i.e. the difference ABTA Lifeline's donations made to the individuals involved. It also allowed us to simplify the stories and keep the film to a relatively short duration.

The immediate feedback was that the film was extremely well received and remembered by its audience for the right reasons. ABTA were delighted with the film, saying it was “creative, informative and importantly engaging, inspiring our Members to get involved with our work”.