Research Manager

Remote, flexible

Your reason for being here…

Your purpose at DRPG is to generate top notch insights for clients to help them build and grow into truly exceptional companies.

The way you roll…

You’re already a successful senior researcher or analyst with a reputation for high quality research outputs which drive business growth. Unfazed by piles of unstructured data, hefty datasets and unfamiliar situations, you roll up your sleeves and relish the challenge of seeking out answers. Delivering robust, expertly crafted insight reports together with practical recommendations is a cinch for you.

You’re passionate about developing your team’s skills as much as your own, and strive to build on DRPG’s philosophy of “Anything’s Possible”.

How you make it all possible…

  • Studying a research brief and creating a bespoke research and analysis methodology – don’t worry about slaving over proposals and biz dev, we’ve got experts crawling all over those.
  • Knowing the value of your work and advising our Account Managers and Proposal team on the time and investment needed to whip-up uncompromising research
  • Creating a delivery plan, taking into account team availability and expertise, as well as client needs and deadlines.
  • Supervising the project as it proceeds, trouble-shooting, tweaking and advising where needed. Essentially, the outputs of the team are your responsibility, so you’ll do whatever it takes to deliver on promises.
  • Switching between brand audits, employee value research, digital listening, competitor analysis, channel and asset analysis, data diving, surveying and prospect research, using the right tool for the job every time.
  • Preparing page-turning reports which tell a story and which get read, bookmarked and passed around.
  • Keeping the research toolkit sharpened and making sure that you’re all over the latest tools and techniques.
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What’s in your toolbox…

  • A robust background in market and consumer research – either agency or client side – we don’t mind where you cut your teeth, but you’ll need academic credentials in marketing or social sciences
  • Highly polished technical research and analysis skills – both qualitative and quantitative
  • The skill and experience to take a brief and design a custom methodology to suit the needs of the client – challenging assumptions if you need to
  • A perpetual fascination for understanding people and behaviour
  • The ability to immediately spot the difference between an intriguing line of enquiry and a rabbit hole
  • Demonstrable experience in developing others and supervising less experienced researchers
  • A terrier-like instinct to seek out the truth and to communicate that to the client, even when it might ruffle feathers
  • You’ll be adept at translating unpalatable data into show-stopping p Research findings can be a bitter pill to swallow but you’ll know how to manage your clients’ feelings, expectations and objectives, delivering the medicine with a spoonful of sugar, every time
  • A natural flair for working under pressure and prioritising the team’s workload to meet challenging and sometimes unpredictable deadlines. You won’t get flustered or weepy if new demands are made on you.
  • Never knowingly flummoxed. Your colleagues are dying to know your secret.

Get to know us…

We’re one of the most unexpectedly all-round capable communications agencies that’s been on the go for years – ever since our head honcho set up shop in a shed back in 1980.

Since then, we’ve made it our mission to make anything possible for our many and varied clients, putting our creative flair into delivering strategic communication campaigns, digital solutions, film and videos, events, exhibitions, and a whole lot more in between. We’ve grown a lot, but we’ve kept the purpose and culture we developed at the start. Our team are just like family and we hope you will be too! Our film studios are smack bang in the middle of the UK and well worth a visit to see for yourself. But we’ve got satellite offices all over the country, so if you’d prefer a regal view in Windsor, or to smell the bustle of Covent Garden or if you long to feel the Mad-chester vibe, we’ve got you covered. A trip to Dublin Cologne, Toronto or even St Louis could be on the cards if you fancy a jaunt to our global hubs.

Hang on, there’s more…

The role will be based primarily remote, but there will be times when you’ll need to work from our other offices and undertake other related commercial duties both in the UK and overseas. Flexibility is key!

We’re a friendly team. We really, really welcome anyone who wants to become part of a brilliant company. If you’re passionate with a cracking drive to deliver on our ‘anything’s possible’ mindset, we’d love to hear from you!

DRPG is an equal opportunities employer.

Data Security (not super exciting, but necessary)

At all times you must work within the guidelines set out in the DRPG Information Security Policy and your Employee Confidentiality Agreement. Failure to do so may be treated as gross misconduct. You must also work within the guidelines set out in DRPG’s Health & Safety Policy and Team Handbook.

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