DevOps Technician


Your reason for being here…

Your purpose here at DRPG is to ensure the digital solutions we create work perfectly for those that use them. Your mind will be constantly focused on the user experience and how you and your team can make it even better. 

The way you roll…

Not only are you our very own infrastructure protector (hero outfit not included), you look kushty as head of the techy request council, ready to press the magic button that helps us reach those all-important project deadlines. 

You’re our proud resident digital librarian with an incredible data cataloguing system and a cracking attention to detail. Ensuring everything’s in check with the boring compliance bits (we’ll supply the coffee), you have no problem prioritising your workload or asking for a bit of help every now and then. 

Obviously, you’re passionate about all things tech with an insatiable hunger to learn new skills (we shall nickname you the Oracle!). There’s no ‘I’ in team though, so as a team player, you’ve always got your finger on the pulse of DevOps, keeping an eye out for new technologies and concepts that will benefit the team.  

That search for new solutions is also what makes you an excellent problem solver, and you wear that stylish metaphorical thinking cap with flair. Not only are you a marvel at thinking creatively and generating ideas (we are a creative comms agency, after all), you’re proud of what you do and are constantly committed to making ‘anything possible’ with a ‘can do’ attitude. 

How you make it all possible…

  • Supporting the Digital team with the management of applications on our infrastructure, including actioning hosting and de-hosting requests for projects to meet deadlines 
  • Taking charge of requests for new domain names, SSL certificates and other supporting components 
  • Ensuring infrastructure and all that data is catalogued correctly, and all asset management systems are kept in tip-top shape 
  • Reviewing applications and infrastructure for compliance and auditing purposes (with guidance from DevOps engineers), and action outcomes from this (e.g., backing up, migrating or deleting data/ applications) 
  • Suggesting improvements or optimisations to systems, processes and procedures (what would we do without you!?) 
  • Providing basic support for our ticketing and support system for the wider team 
  • Coordinating renewals of products including domains, servers and infrastructure components with the DevOps and Project Management team, as well as when working with external suppliers and contractors 
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What’s in your toolbox…

  • Experience (educational, vocational or hobbyist) in IT and an interest in managing hosting infrastructure, data and systems  
  • Basic knowledge of a Linux operating system  
  • Understanding of a command line interface and navigating systems  
  • You’ll know the basics of infrastructure components such as servers, domains, DNS, SSL certificates, servers and firewalls 

Additionally, you’ll also use or understand: 

  • Nginx webserver configuration  
  • A database system such as MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL  
  • Networking skills such as DNS records and IP addresses  
  • A programming or scripting language - particularly PHP 

Get to know us…

We’re one of the most unexpectedly all-round capable communications agencies that’s been on the go for years – ever since our head honcho set up shop in a shed back in 1980, in fact.

Since then, we’ve made it our mission to make anything possible for our many and varied clients, putting our creative flair into delivering strategic communication campaigns, digital solutions, film and videos, events, exhibitions, and a whole lot more in between. We’ve grown a lot, but we’ve kept everything that made us great, back from the very day we first started out. Our global HQ and largest studios are smack bang in the middle of the UK and well worth a visit to see for yourself!

Hang on, there’s more…

The role will be based primarily in Hartlebury, but there will be times when you’ll need to work from our other offices and undertake other related commercial duties both in the UK and overseas. Flexibility is key!  

We’re a friendly team. We really, really welcome anyone who wants to become part of a brilliant company. If you’re passionate with a cracking drive to deliver on our ‘anything’s possible’ mindset, we’d love to hear from you! 

DRPG is an equal opportunities employer. 

Data Security (not super exciting, but necessary) 

At all times you must work within the guidelines set out in the DRPG Information Security Policy and your Employee Confidentiality Agreement. Failure to do so may be treated as gross misconduct. 

You must also work within the guidelines set out in DRPG’s Health & Safety Policy and Team Handbook. 

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