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Students Celebrate National Digital Day

Games design and interactive media students at Kidderminster Academy teamed up with the drp digital team as part of a national event dedicated to digital excellence and innovation. Over 30 students worked with a mixture of our digital production managers and developers as part of BIMA's (British Interactive Media Association) Digital Day (D-Day).

Our team gave a presentation on the drp digital offering. As well as hearing about drp and the different roles and training routes into the industry that are available, groups of academy students were also assigned a BIMA Challenge that tested their skills in digital design, mobile, social media and coding. The work produced was then submitted to BIMA as entries into a competition.

Kirk D'Cruze, senior digital media production manager at drp presented on the day and commented on the event's success: "The purpose of D-Day is to showcase the wide range of digital media careers open to young people. It's vital that aspiring professionals are aware of the skills and experience they need in order to represent this industry, so that we don't experience a skills shortage in the future. At drp we're always looking at how we can help promote the industry we work in and these types of events help us to see the new generation of promising digital enthusiasts who are the future of the digital industry. The BIMA Challenges were an excellent opportunity for the students to think about the 'bigger picture'. They were encouraged to brainstorm, be confident about expressing their opinions and share feedback with others and we were blown away by the ideas they created."

Over 4,000 pupils from schools and colleges UK-wide took part in D-Day alongside digital professionals working in agencies, technology companies, established businesses and those within the public sector.

Games Design student, Edward Lambert was pleased to take part in the event. "Being part of this event has been good for us. It's made us look at aspects of the digital industry that we weren't familiar with. The team from drp were really engaging." added the 21-year-old. "They helped me see interactive media in a new light and in a way that I can incorporate back into my work."

Som-Ying Collins, an interactive media student also benefited from working with drp. The 18-year-old said: "Working on the social media challenge as part of D-Day was great as it gave me the chance to take a basic idea and look at all the possibilities, before coming up with something really amazing. Listening to the team talk about their jobs also reinforced that if you are willing to work hard, you can get into your dream career, which for me is in animation."

The drp digital team continue to support Kidderminster Academy and will providing more workshops in the near future.