drpcomms Team

Renowned communication strategist and Possibler Parker has been working closely with his drpcomms colleagues this week, helping to create effective communication plans for a number of drp's clients. Parker has been getting under the skin of the many brands we work with and identifying clear and effective ways of communicating with people to help achieve their goals and transform their organisations.

"It's not about communication for communication's sake," Says the Possibler. "My fellow Possiblers and I spend our time carefully choosing the right channels and the appropriate message. I'm lucky that here at drp, we have the comms strategists and creative experts in my team who can identify exactly what path a communication should take through our client's business. We don't have to recommend one channel, be it a design, digital, video, event, exhibition, experiential or print lead solution. We like to take a multi-channel approach ensuring the piece of communication is effective, both in terms of achieving its goals but also in terms of cost."

Parker has also been working with the wider team creating measurement strategies for the communications hes producing. Director of drpcomms - Julie Davidson, who works closely with Parker, said "He's a fantastic part of this team and that comes down to the values we share. Parker truly embodies the anything's possible promise, that's why he and the rest of our team are called the Possiblers! Parker also understands that what we do shouldn't just look good, it should have tangible results for the brands we work with. Were entering our 35th year of delivering award winning projects and so Parker's focus on communication which resonate emotionally but are also backed up by real evidence really epitomises the drp philosophy and what this team, and the whole drp team, is trying to achieve every time we create a piece of comms for our clients".

Parker will continue as a valued member of the drp team throughout our 35th year and he has already identified a number of new Possiblers who will join him in supporting the other divisions throughout the companys Anniversary celebrations.