drpdesign Team

drp Possibler and design expert Olivia has joined the drpdesign team in delivering design-led multichannel communications. Adept at all forms of design, Olivia and the team create striking and engaging visual communications, but they don't stop there. They work closely with the drpcomms team to analyse the impact of their designs so that they inspire their intended audience.

"No other agency is quite like this," said Olivia. "I'm surrounded by people who have a passion for design and know how to keep sight of brand identity. People sometimes forget just how integral good design is to communication. But at drp design is essential. Our team comes in right at the start of a project to give substance to creative ideas, which means we can choose the best delivery channel for our clients. We then get to work with colleagues from every division to create integrated communications that meet clear objectives."

Fellow Possibler Parker is just one of the many drpteam members Olivia collaborates with regularly. "With Olivia joining our exceptional team of design Possiblers I'm really excited about what's being created, including for our forthcoming 35th Anniversary celebration in June" commented David Withers, Possibler and Head of Design at drp. " The ideas we're putting to paper at the moment are truly stunning. Our clients are definitely going to enjoy interacting with our designs in the run-up to the celebration event, as well as on the day. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what Olivia and our design team create in the coming weeks".