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Events Possibler Joins the Team

Iggy the Eventor has put his vast knowledge of creating award-winning events to inspire and motivate audiences to good use this week with his colleagues in the drpevents team.  Iggy and the wider events team together offer a wealth of innovative and creative experience that continues to deliver, fulfil and exceed expectations and brief objectives. 

“I thrive on seeing how audiences are inspired and motivated by the events that I create” says the possibler.  “Bringing people together to share in the same experience remains one of the most powerful forms of communications today”.

Iggy and the team are extremely passionate about creating events that will last on in the mind of the audience and participants. With the help of their dedicated project Directors and industry leading in-house specialists they successfully work with a wide range of clients and sectors from FTSE100 multi-nationals through to localised or niche industries.

“Working with such a diverse and varied client base has allowed us to really build upon our extensive knowledge, ensuring that we can cover all bases that ultimately allows us to truly deliver world-class event solutions with our promise that ‘anything’s possible’” Says Iggy.

With the 35th anniversary celebrations just around the corner drp Director of Events Jane Jones said “There couldn’t be a more exciting time for Iggy to be joining the team, the 35th anniversary celebration event of the year next month will be a monumental showcase of just how innovative, creative and diverse our events can be.”