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Dale Joins Panel at this Month’s Event Huddle

Our group CEO Dale Parmenter recently joined events industry experts at April’s Event Huddle, held at 1 Wimpole Street, for an insightful debate on recession trends. The thought provoking topic was: “Can we save ourselves from the next recession?” moderated by Kevin Jackson and John Fisher, Philip Hughes, and Mike Kershaw joined Dale on the panel for the discussion. The panel shared their survival skills, and past experiences of recessions, and the inevitable recession-cycle.

Dale recalled the detrimental effects of 9/11. The last recession taught the business a lot, as Dale mentioned, “60% of our business was wiped out overnight [after 9/11]. [It] made us grow up suddenly, and we told ourselves ‘we would never be in that position again’.” drp has kept to that promise, with a 180 strong team, which is continually growing.

Philip Hughes, from Ice Box London, also noted that in 2008, “One of our large corporates were spending 5% of what they were spending in the last 10 years, on a regular occurring event.” Losses are inevitable, however the entire panel stated how important is to focus on your people, as well as your cash in a time such as a recession.


We don't shout enough about the value of what events bring to companies.

The unanimous conclusion was that internal communications, and staff morale is vital to surviving a financial crisis. Philip Hughes, from Ice Box London, said during times of recession, it was worthwhile to include employees in the nitty gritty of the business:

"[involve] the whole team…come up with ideas and be creative together; you can't put your head in the sand about it. Everyone has to be aware of what's going on and ideally be involved in the solution as well.”

Everyone concluded that the events industry needs to continue to show how vital events are to the economy. Dale commented:

"We don't shout enough about the value of what events bring to companies. I had a sales manager say to me 'we can't afford to do this event'. I turned around and said 'you can't afford not to'. Events are not a luxury, they're a revenue driver. We need to get that message out there and justify what we do."

Next month’s Event Huddle is 13th May and a discussion on transport with a particular focus on the expansion of Heathrow airport. You can watch the full panel discussion at the event huddle website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_3jEKbTQvQ