Erica's a Hit with drpexperiential

Erica the Possibler has been lending her unique brand of creativity to the drpexperiential team who are hard at work creating truly memorable and shareable experiences that stir positive emotional associations with brands. Erica is really pushing the experiential boundaries with her endless stream of interactive ideas and the entire team has been enthused by her passion and boundless energy.

Experiential events as a concept are something that is in the very DNA of drp and allows each area of the agency as a whole to learn from one another and build on shared experience in order to be the best that they can be. Each division has an in-depth understanding of their particular part of the customer journey when woven together by Possiblers like Erica.

“Experiential events and marketing are rapidly becoming one of the frontrunners in the communications field and allows us to deliver events that will live on in the memory of the participants and creatively connect our clients with their target audience. “ Says Erica

“Ultimately that’s why brands are making the most of our desire to socialise by creating experiences people really want to share. It’s great to have Erica working with the team at such an exciting time in the company’s history – with the 35th Anniversary fast approaching its all hands on deck to create something truly special”. Says Dale Parmenter Group CEO.

It’s a busy time for possiblers Iggy and Erica as they are working tirelessly with the wider team to deliver a breathtaking celebration event that will show what drp as a brand is all about and getting everyone present interactively involved – however that’s the most information they will give away!