Defibrillator Campaign Hits National Press

drpvideo collaborated with West Midlands Ambulance service to produce and shoot the seven-and-a-half minute reconstruction film; Pull Through based on the real life event of drp set construction technician Ian Hough, 59. The film was launched on Wednesday 2nd September in collaboration with West Midlands Ambulance service and instantly made an impact attracting several national press and media outlets. Ian Hough was interviewed live on Sky News’ Sunrise programme with Eamonn Holmes, but also BBC Midlands Today, BBC Hereford and Worcester, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and BBC Radio Shropshire and hit various online news sites including BBC News.            

The film shot at Stourport Boat Club re-created the moment that Ian Hough suffered a cardiac arrest on Saturday 13th August 2011 during the annual Stourport Regatta and the importance of the defibrillator on site that saved his life.  The short film was created as part of drp’s promise to deliver 35 CSR projects in their 35th anniversary year. The drpvideo team produced the film to encourage as many businesses, clubs and organisations as possible to consider installing a defibrillator and ultimately save lives. After being approached to produce the film, Dan Harris, drpvideo editor made the decision to base the film on Ian Hough’s traumatic experience. Ian Hough and his family members actually featured in the interview segment of the film, however one of Ian’s friends and fellow rowers played him in the cardiac arrest reconstruction.

Dan Harris, commented, “When approached to produce this film I wanted to steer clear of the typical corporate interview style film, create something unique and build an emotional narrative around the re-enactment of this day that was extremely close to home. By using actual Stourport Boat Club rowers in the film rather than actors it added that extra poignancy and ensured the film was as realistic as possible and ultimately evoke a strong emotional response that can spread awareness and save lives.”

Stourport boat club didn’t usually have a defibrillator on site and only had one on the day of the regatta as there was additional medical cover - without this Ian would most likely not have survived the attack. Ian Hough, who has since made a full recovery and said “Had this happened to me on a normal day at Stourport Boat Club, I know I would probably be dead. I was lucky that it happened to me during the regatta when there was a defibrillator there – it saved my life. I couldn’t be happier at the reaction from the media, being given a platform to share my story on national news stations will hopefully spread awareness and ultimately save lives”

 ‘Pull Through’ can be viewed here;