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SLYPN Support

The drpgroup Marketing & PR team has been supporting the South London Younger Parkinson’s Network with strategic advice and content support throughout 2014. The SLYPN provides much needed help and support to younger people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and the drpteam have worked closely with one of the network’s founders, Sarah Webb to deliver a key fundraising and awareness event, Making a Racquet About Parkinson’s.

The drpgroup worked closely with Sarah to identify any opportunities available to promote the upcoming major SLYPN fundraiser, the Crystal Ball. The PR & Marketing team aided the SLYPN to devise the fundraising tennis events as a platform to promote the main event, raise funds and vital awareness. Making a Racquet about Parkinson’s took the form of a round robin tournament and saw people participating who had a connection with the charity and the disease. Events took place in tennis clubs across the globe. The USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Barcelona all saw SLYPN events held. Here in the UK Sarah hosted the flagship event at the Wimbledon club while events also took place in Kent, Kidderminster and Richmond. Parkinson’s UK also held an event to support the network in Battersea.

Sarah Webb SLYPN Founder was thrilled with the awareness the event created and overwhelmed by the support as she says “I started this event to involve friends in the UK and around the world in fundraising for our cause.  I never expected such a wonderful response and am very touched by everyone’s involvement and hard work. This all helps to promote what we’re doing as a network and helps to bring awareness to Parkinson’s.”

The drpgroup utilised the wider team to create a striking brand identity for the event with drpdesign using the existing logo to create HTML emails, flyers and draw sheets used across the globe. The team’s attention now turns to the main fundraising event in September, the Crystal Ball. The gala dinner will include a host of surprises and will aim to raise £100,000 for the charity.

For more information about the fundraiser and to find out about sponsorship opportunities visit the SLYPN site