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drpdigitalmedia Webinar

Director of drpdigitalmedia Ben Wallace and Marketing Manager Callum Gill delivered a webinar for Marketing Week Magazine aimed at helping marketing professionals engage the Second Screen Generation. The webinar, delivered on Wednesday 12th March saw over 260 professionals tune in to gain insight on the best methods to access and engage people who use laptops, tablets and mobiles to engage with content while simultaneously watching programming or live events. Ben and Callum demonstrated how the drpdigitalmedia team’s experience of engaging audiences at live events with second screen strategies could be applied to the wider world.

The webinar revealed how in 2014, 75% of people watching TV programmes were doing so while actively engaging with a second device. This has obvious implications for marketers and comms professionals as attention is drawn from primary channels to secondary screens where sponsors, advertisers and communicators have no control. Callum and Ben delved into the figures surrounding second screening, demonstrating just how important it is for comms professionals and marketers to regain control of these second screens to deliver maximum engagement and ROI.

Through the use of case studies citing our work with the IVCA, ENRC and IoIC, our team demonstrated that the live events industry has been at the forefront of engaging second screeners since the advent of Blackberrys and other mobile devices. “Using digital platforms at events has become almost an imperative for savvy comms professionals these days and it all comes down to providing a platform for collaboration and information which doesn’t exist in the traditional, one-way format of live events and programme viewing,” commented Gill. “We showed how simple techniques, like encouraging your audience to feel part of the experience through their second screen, through voting, polls and live feedback, you provide another platform for sponsors and marketers to engage with their audience. It also provides a significant opportunity to gain insight into your audience like never before with implicit consent to learn about what drives the audience into making decisions, both in terms of attending events and making purchases.”

The webinar is still available to listen to online via the Marketing Week Knowledge Bank. Callum closed by saying” It was a real honour to work with such a reputable magazine on this project and hopefully, to provide some insight into what the drpdigitalmedia team has been doing to maximise the opportunities second screening creates”