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Parkers Sleigh Ride's a Hit!

Renowned communication strategist and Possibler Parker has once again been busy in the run up to Christmas; this time working alongside the drpdigital team to create the digital game Parker’s Sleigh Ride. The team have converted our very first van into a Christmas sleigh of which Parker takes the helm, delivering presents to the homes of our very own possiblers – not without the presence of his arch-nemesis Imilio of course!

The game was created and developed by the drpdigital team ahead of the Christmas period, with the dedicated team of developers, motion graphics and animation experts working hard to ensure the digital communication was a success.

Within 24 hours of launching Parker’s Sleigh Ride has been played over 4,100 times by 470 unique players. Parker commented “As we approach the end of our 35th year celebrations it’s great to see so many fellow Possiblers getting involved, playing the game and making sure those presents are delivered in time for Christmas! The digital team are always involved from the very start of a project, giving substance to creative ideas and making sure they provide the very best digital solution.”

drpdigital director Ben Wallace commented “Our team of developers, motion graphics designers and of course Parker, have shown once again their capabilities of engaging audiences through digital technology – it’s fantastic to see such a positive response this early in the game.”

Have a go at reaching the high score to win some fantastic prizes – including a deluxe retro sweets hamper and a selection of 80’s,90’s and 00’s themed sweets and games ; https://parkerssleighride.drp.digital/