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drp Publishes White Paper Exploring Communications Gap

We have released a white paper which was recently debated in Parliament at the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for events chaired by Member of Parliament, James Heappey. Over 100 communications professionals contributed to the paper, which explores the gap between perception and reality in modern organisations and the language and practice in communications.

The paper revealed a stark gap between what brands and organisations say they do and what the comms professionals who work for them actually think day-to-day. The research also demonstrates that language surrounding technology and innovation is permeating modern communications for brands. However, the actual use of technology and innovation seem to be falling woefully short in the communications sector and this is having massively detrimental effects on the industry as a whole.

Of the wider UK public, only 43% trust organisations, their messages or their promises and this continued pattern of internal and external mistrust is clearly proving to be a deeper and vital issue. Whilst we delved into these areas, they also noted the correlating link between risk and failure. We cited fear of failure and risk aversion are two serious barriers to true culture and innovation and technological development. The research covers a wide range of poignant thoughts now released in to the wider public domain.

What our research proves is that while brands may be talking the talk, they are not walking the walk.

The white paper was debated in parliament in an APPG for events discussion, drawing together industry professionals and politicians to explore how this issue is impacting the industry and what can be done to address it.

Callum Gill, head of insight & innovation, who lead the creation of the white paper, commented, “In agency land, we get to experience first-hand the steady shift in patterns of communication, and right now, our language, mindset and focus have all shifted toward the future. With technology changing so rapidly and innovation the only way to keep pace, many brands are saying the right things. What our research proves is that while they may be talking the talk, they are not walking the walk and comms professionals are left dragging their heels for often inexplicable reasons. This white paper will arm in house comms pros with the facts to help turn the tide and help our communications perceptions match up to reality.”

To download the white paper, click here.