Five-Year Plan

First revealed at drp's Best of Business Conference held earlier this year at Silverstone, the agencys five-year plan for growth, development and expansion has been officially launched in December by CEO Dale Parmenter. The plan outlines some ambitious targets for growing the team and constantly improving service delivery to clients.

The ambitious plan sets out a series of goals and milestones on with the aim of doubling the size of the business by 2020. This will be achieved through organic growth and acquisition of the right businesses but the main focus will remain on team development and nurturing the right talent in our industry. The plan will see a surge in investment for people development across the drp divisions with opportunities already being identified by each of the drp boards directors for 2015.

The team will also continue to focus on its growing apprenticeship and work placement projects after its 2014 success. Six full-time drp team members are now working for the agency following their time in the scheme and this will be developed across all divisions in the coming years. The agency will also continue to recruit the best senior talent in the industry with 25 new faces taking senior roles in the business this year.

These initiatives have set the target for team growth at 250 drp team members by 2020. The agency hit the 150 milestone at the Best of Business Summer Conference.

The plan will also see sustained investment in the latest technologies across all divisions with the opening of the drp digi-lab, the first action in this process. This lab will see multiple devices housed in the lab with the ability to push our digital comms projects live to each device simultaneously for testing and R&D purposes. Investment will continue across the technical and video teams to ensure we match the rapid march of technology across all fields in which we operate.

Dale Parmenter, commented on the launch of the new plan and what it means for the business, "Our new plan for growth and development draws heavily on what we learnt when we launched our last plan in 2009. The two key areas that we will focus on are very simple and often overlooked by most businesses. Our plan is not about profit, its about people. Our first key factor is our team. Ensuring we give them the best tools to do their jobs alongside the right skills. This has to come with a focus on nurturing new talent through our apprenticeship and work placement schemes. Our second key factor is our clients. With the team able and ready to deliver, they will ensure we keep providing clients with award-winning service and creativity ensuring we maintain and build new relationships. The profit is the by-product of these focuses."

The ambitious growth plan will be kick-started by our 35th Anniversary plans which are already taking shape and will culminate in a celebration event next summer.

Dale added, "It was our 30th Anniversary which really helped us launch our last five-year plan and this time our around, our 35th will do the same. We have a huge raft of exciting announcement throughout the year already planned and these will contribute to our development plans for years to come."