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Becca Jumps on Board with drpexhibition

drp Possibler and exhibition guru Becca along with her team are working together to provide global exhibition solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. They cover a wide array of exhibition solutions from large-scale bespoke builds and interactive digital technologies through to pre and post show marketing. Becca loves to stand out and be at the centre of attention, and this can be seen in her undeniable talent for creating exhibitions that really sets the competition apart.

Becca says “Being part of a larger communications agency means we have input and support from in-house creative, design and build specialists alongside dedicated project managers allowing us to deliver the best possible solution without the added costs of out-sourcing”. “With the 35th anniversary just around the corner it’s an exciting time for the team to showcase our talent for exhibition on a grand scale and ultimately show our clients that ‘anything’s possible’.

Head of Exhibition Ed Vickery, thinks that Becca embodies the agencies values and commitment to excellence “Nothing is missed as we strive to deliver the most efficient, innovative and striking exhibition solutions possible. Becca’s keen insight helps us produce tangible results for all of our clients, utilising our expertise across the wider business including design, print and the levels of creativity you would expect from a leading communications agency.”

Becca will work closely with possibler’s Olivia and Lance in the run up to the celebration event using their combined expertise in creating an extremely special event with more than a few surprises.