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We've Rebranded

Here at drp, we've launched our new brand identity across the company and the new look and feel has gone live online and across the web. The idea to rebrand has grown in the past year or so alongside our ever-changing and dynamic way of producing communication solutions for our clients. From our beginnings almost 35 years ago, we have developed into a full-service creative communication agency providing solutions to over 50 different clients. The last time we rebranded was nearly 10 years ago at our 25th Anniversary and we've decided to refresh the brand as we approach our 35th anniversary in 2015. The rebrand will see the business dropping the group and being formally known as drp. A new website has been launched, produced by our digital team.

Dale Parmenter, drp CEO had this to say about the rebrand and the evolution of the agency, "it's a very exciting time for the business and launching the new drp brand provides a great opportunity for us to remind everyone about our core values and culture and how we're growing and expanding as a business. We've already seen our team grow and the offering we now deliver is very different to 1980 when we first started. This is a chance for us to present ourselves as a brand that is constantly making sure we reflect the way in which we work and how we want to be perceived."