A close up of hands on an editing keyboard

Video production is where it all began for DRPG, and it’s still our passion.

At our headquarters in Hartlebury, we’ve got some of the most advanced studios in the UK where we can deliver everything from live broadcast to corporate video, TV adverts, immersive virtual environments and much, much more. In fact, we’re listed as one in the top 50 production companies in the UK! 

We’re incredibly proud of the variety on offer here at DRPG. We’re able to offer so much because of our highly specialist teams (in all aspects of film and content production) and because of the can-do attitude that’s woven through the entire company. If you’ve got a vision for a video, even just a feeling you want to evoke, we’re the people to bring it to life. 

We’ll bring creativity and genuine excitement to every step of the production process. From storyboarding, through filming, post-production and beyond, we’re obsessed with the moving image, and we’re determined to share our passion for phenomenal video. Your audience won’t know what hit them.

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