Incentive Travel

Well, aren’t you a jetsetter!  

It’s time to celebrate your team’s hard work through unique opportunities that they’ll never forget. Did you know that incentive travel can come in many fabulous forms?

You could be searching for the Northern Lights on an icy excursion with your colleagues, or soaking up the sunshine on a beach in Bali with a loved one. You could also celebrate your successes with your peers at an award ceremony, or even build a school in Africa!

We’ll get to know your team and create a bespoke travel programme that perfectly reflects what you’re about. All you have to do is make sure you’ve packed enough undies, slathered on the sun cream (just in case) and charged the camera batteries, because we’ll deal with the whole process.

There’s also no need to worry about the effect this may have on your carbon footprint, because we see sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as fundamental components of a successful travel programme. A trip can be given a purpose by providing individuals with the opportunity to give back to local communities or support them in their area of need. It’s all about looking at the ways we can make small changes with a big difference. Whether that be offsetting carbon emissions, on-foot transfers or reducing food waste, we put sustainability at the forefront.

So, where shall we jet off to first?

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