At DRPG, bringing people together is what we do best.

For us, an event is more than just an opportunity to connect with your audience; it is quite simply the most powerful form of communication. 

Whether your audience is there in person, is dialling in from the office, or is really getting comfy on the sofa, our team of creatives will make sure your event stands out.

It’s their job to think big, to engage all the senses and to provide us all with only the freshest, most exciting ideas for your event.

From there, we’ll put our enormous team of experienced events and technical professionals to work, bringing the incredible to life.

Band on stage with brass instruments surrounded by crowd of people
A dancer performing in an illuminated ring
A large group of delegates sitting around tables at a black-tie gala event

Our consumer division event needed to be bigger and more complex than anything you’ve produced for us before. Once again, you’ve all risen to the challenge and lived up to your promise of ‘anything’s possible!


If you want more from your next live event, this is the place to start.

Let's talk about your next event?

Live events

For us, a live event is more than an opportunity to connect with your audience face-to-face. It’s your chance to share an incredible experience, to make memories, to put your brand at the centre of your audience’s world and create an impression which lasts far beyond the taxi ride home.

That’s why every live event designed by DRPG - whether a global product launch, high-profile AGM, or intimate dinner - is designed to stand out. Our extraordinary event planners and highly skilled technical production team will ensure your event runs without a hitch. We’ll engage the senses, conjure immersive experiences and get completely creative. 

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Employee Engagement Event

BT Consumer Live

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Hybrid events

A hybrid event can give you the best of both worlds: the buzz of an in-person event and the incredible reach of a virtual event. At DRPG neither audience takes precedence over the other – both are our priority. Our expert event planners and technical production team interweave the live and virtual components seamlessly to create an event that feels integrated and exciting. Our creatives love the challenge of magicking up new ways to include online attendees and make them feel just as much a part of the experience as those there in person.

DRPG will bring the extraordinary to your next product launch, the slickness to your next AGM and the pizazz to your next celebration, so why not involve as much of your audience as possible and go for a hybrid event.

Virtual events

The beauty of a virtual event is the freedom it provides; you’re not limited by geography, venues, travel arrangements or thoughts of your carbon footprint. You can go global from your living room (pyjamas optional). At DRPG we believe online audiences deserve just as much fun and engagement as in-person audiences. We never let the screen limit our creativity and imagination to push the boundaries on virtual event ideas and create inspiring moments for our clients.

Whether you’re launching a new product, bringing your people together for an AGM, broadcasting to an enormous virtual audience, or talking directly to a much smaller one, hosting a virtual event is the perfect way to connect. With a dose of DRPG experience and imagination, we’ll create memories that live on long after the screens have faded to black.

Event Management

Without stellar event management, your event may never shine as brightly as it should. Whether an exhibition, live event, virtual event or hybrid event, you need a team of experienced professionals to fine tune that magic and create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

There are so many aspects of an event you may not have the bandwith to think about, but that’s why we’re here. We’ll liase with suppliers and contractors, organise logistics, travel plans, accommodation – all of the extra add-ons that come with putting on an event.

Our project delivery team will ensure things are on-time, hassle-free and are all working to create an impactful and memorable event with plenty of wow-factor.

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