Immersive Technologies


Travel to a world unknown, where imagination knows no limits.

Audiences are getting harder to impress and expect more these days, so why not dazzle them by immersing them in a new and fantastical world?

Immersive technologies create distinct and memorable experiences by merging the physical world with a digital or simulated reality. From wandering through a monster-laden haunted house, to sailing across the Atlantic, we can make any imaginary scenario a reality. We always work with you to find a graded solution that makes the most of the investment; i.e. utilising the same 3D model for an AR and VR experience, providing consistency, cost savings and reduced production time.

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What we do

XR Experience

XR is the collective term for all immersive technologies that include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Hyper Integration, and other digital activations that amplify user immersion. Digital touchpoints come in all shapes and sizes and are powered by a range of technologies. This can lead to workloads being amplified and costs escalating when rolling out the same project in different formats. Luckily within the 3D immersive space, there are technologies that work cross-platform, allowing you to sweat the assets you have, and make a suite of products all from the same source material. There have been major advancements in immersive technologies over the past decade, and we have been in it from the start, creating our first Augmented Reality application in 2011, and hundreds of ‘XR’ related products ever since. The landscape is ever-changing and we are at the forefront, driving these advancements. Our fully integrated approach puts us in a unique position, allowing us to design, model, animate and develop every aspect from under one roof. This particularly helps with the workflow when transitioning 3D models into an interactive development world.

Augmented Reality

Put simply, augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience where the real world is enhanced when observed through a device. AR provides tonnes of wow-factor and acts as a hook for users to engage with your content. While enthralled in the digitally enhanced scene, users are far more susceptible to the content and specific messages are more likely to resonate. Our most successful AR projects look to develop multiple versions of the same application for different target audiences. For example, a training application can be transformed into a sales application with minimal adjustments. This creates greater value and increased ROI. We cover all aspects of AR production with a team of expert developers, 3D modelers, video production, and a whole host of other supporting content services. We can fulfil your project requirements all under one roof, providing consistency, quality and good value for money with plenty of ooh aah too!

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) places the user at the heart of a simulated environment. With the use of a wide range of headsets, you can fully immerse someone into an interactive experience. VR has the benefit of having no distractions from the outside world. For all intents and purposes, the user is transported to another world. We can setup the environment in any way you wish, from 360-video scenes, to full CGI. Experiences can be realistic or more abstract. Once fully immersed into the environment, the user will be more susceptible to messages and content is much more likely to resonate. Our solutions are scalable, so we can produce versions for high performance equipment such as Vive and Oculus, or more globally accessible solutions such as Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. We have all aspects of VR production covered here at our studios, and can provide a mind-blowingly fabulous experience for your audience.