Whether for a bit of fun or something you can’t live without, apps are here to stay.

With the smart phone being of utmost centrality to the way people run their lives and businesses, apps can take the hassle out of tasks and also provide a great vessel for delivery of your message.

Is there an app for that? No? Well, we can fix that! We have a team of expert application developers that collaborate with our User Experience division to offer fully bespoke and hyper-tailored application delivery. We don’t limit ourselves to off the shelf solutions, rather we utilise Web and Native app frameworks allowing us to craft fit for purpose applications for your brand, be it for a communication channel, business function, platform or game. Our preferred technology for developing apps is React. This market leading framework was originally developed by Facebook, and is now the world’s most popular coding language for the development of bespoke apps. This is largely due to the overall slick performance, smooth and responsive interfaces, comparatively lightweight codebase, and mass of capability that can be achieved.

React allows a developer to create an application with a single codebase that can be compiled for different uses including iOS, Android and the web. Only for hyper specific functionality where we have to call on hardware within a divide do we write platform specific code. This means we can reduce overheads and roll out the app more quickly across different markets.

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