1 May 2019

drp Takes Home the Trophy at Disney's 5K Charity Run

Four members of the drpteam, including venuepot, embarked on a trip to Disney Land Paris for the Disney 5K Run, in aid of the Meeting Needs charity. Hosted by Hosmark Hotels and Disney Business Solutions, the weekend spanned over 3 days and began on the 22nd September 2017. The event invited agencies to see the corporate offerings of Disney, as well as enjoy some inter-agency friendly competition.

The team embarked on site visits of the Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, Newport Bay Club and Disney’s Hotel New York. As well as the run itself, agencies were judged on their team name, team chant, costumes and various other fun aspects, including selfie competitions, a ‘Ratatouille’ themed scavenger hunt and cooking competitions. We proudly took home the trophy for the overall weekend!


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