30 April 2019

Stella In The Studio With drpvideo

Videographer and one of the drp Possiblers, Stella has been in the studio with the drpvideo team this week working on a number of exciting new projects. Stella is a multi-faceted, multi-skilled character with bags of experience in all areas of video production. She draws on the expertise of the rest of the Possiblers in the video team to create insightful, inspiring video comms, fit for a raft of purposes.

Stella creates deeply insightful video communications that inspire people everywhere. As Parker, her starry-eyed fellow Possibler put it: “she has this ability to orbit around her subjects to produce video content few others can even imagine. Her body of work is out of this world. I’d go as far as to say it’s intergalactic!” 

The drp videographer is upbeat about the future of the medium: “the industry has gone through immense change recently. A few years ago, some ‘experts’ even predicted that video would implode into a black hole! But its intrinsic value in enlivening corporate messaging means communications experts are continuing to champion it.”

“Every website worth looking at and live event worth attending now contains video content. Those without it leave audiences totally uninspired,” Stella continues.

“So yes, we’ll continue to exploit greenscreening and motion graphics. Yes, holograms and 3D visuals still have a role to play in our sphere. But drp is always looking forwards and upwards, to the stars and beyond for inspiration. drp’s astronomical resources really do seem to make anything possible.”

Recent evidence suggests our video and GROSVENORFILM teams definitely are on another planet from their competitors. Their cluster of wins at the recent EVCOM Screen Awards 2015 include golds in the categories for Communication Effectiveness and Brand Communication.

Director of video, Dagmar Mackett, thinks Stella exemplifies the agency’s values and commitment to innovation: “It’s true that Stella is impressed with the exceptional level of work with which we’re involved.”

“Rapid change is always on the horizon in our technologically intensive industry,” Dagmar continues, “so it’s great to have Stella working with the team on a daily basis, as her passion for innovation is infectious.”

Stella and her Possibler colleagues Sinclair, Olivia and Parker are working together on some 35th Anniversary related projects but are refusing to let the cat out of the bag just yet. “Needless to say our plans for the 35th are a testament to drp’s philosophy.” Says Stella. “Something you don’t get anywhere else is the ability for video, digital, events, design and comms specialists to work so closely together so that everything we produce is connected, consistent and effective.” 

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