2 May 2019

Recognition in Conference News 30 under 30

This year, venue consultant Roxanne Smith and project manager Rachel Axford from drp and Penguins, respectively, have been shortlisted as finalists in the Conference News 30 under 30. The initiative, running for its second year, aspires to honour 30 top young talents who are all under the age of 30 within the conference and meetings industry. It aims to highlight their outstanding achievements and offer opportunities to learn, develop and progress within industry.

Since joining drp over five years ago, Roxanne has excelled in her role as a venue consultant, especially with her involvement in international venue sourcing. Prior to working at drp, Roxanne had minimal incentive experience, but her relentless commitment in to improve knowledge and gain exposure, has led to her heading up the international venue sourcing team.

Rachel, who has been at Penguins for just under a year, is multi-lingual and has experience with both agencies and venues. She is extremely passionate about the industry, with a fantastic work ethic. For these reasons, and many more, both Roxanne and Rachel have been recognised in the ’30 under 30, and we’re extremely proud of them both. 

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