30 April 2019

drpexhibition Listed In The Elite List

Exhibition News, a leading publication in the Exhibition field, has listed drp in their Elite List. The Elite List looks at a number of factors to rank and recognise the leading faces in the exhibition industry. The drp exhibition team placed 9th in the AV and Production category. It has been an exciting year for the drp exhibition team as we added many new clients to the division roster and continue to develop a notable reputation in the exhibition industry. This division was launched at the beginning of last year and we have added over 8 new clients including Housing Partners and D-Zine Furniture to the roster.

ED Vickery Head of Exhibition was thrilled to be acknowledged in the Elite List and had the following to say, "Last year was extremely successful year for the drp exhibition team, we've worked tirelessly to get the brand out there and successfully pitching for various work which seems to have paid off. To be recognised and positioned with the other companies on the Exhibition News Elite List is a real success story for us, and we will continue to deliver exceptional projects for our clients in 2015."

To be ranked 9th in the list after just one year of existence is a huge testament to the exceptional work the drp exhibition team has been producing throughout the year. Aside from new clients, the exhibition team has been working with our many divisions to deliver exhibition services to a whole host of existing clients. Vickery continued, "We are producing a range of bespoke stands and installing these experiences across the globe for clients old and new. What has really helped to set us apart is our intrinsic link to the rest of the drp divisions. Our clients don't need to engage multiple suppliers to get the best visual and digital interaction as part of their stand design and our comms team work closely with us to drive visitor footfall and capture appropriate and valuable data through the systems we adopt. Overall, we have a really strong proposition for our clients and I'm sure we'll be climbing the Elite List next year!"

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