1 May 2019

drp Doubles HQ Floor Space in Size

Last week we unveiled our brand new 60,000sqft extension at our head office in the Midlands, resulting in the drpstudios, offices and work spaces doubling in size. With a live conference on Wednesday 23rd March, we welcomed press to come along and watch the dramatic removal of the 8m #drpegg dividing the two spaces, old and new. The new building will provide bigger creative spaces for the technical and construction teams, as well as helping to accommodate the ever growing drpteam.

By doubling the floor space we have created two new areas; there will be a new construction workshop area tripling the size of the current space, complete with its own self-contained loading bay, and enough capacity to build custom sets, exhibition stands, and more complex solutions. The other area will be separated into a new set, scenery storage area, set covering area, technical preparation space, as well as two dedicated loading bays specifically to accommodate HGV’s and allow simultaneous loading.




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