Training Programme - Automotive

The solution 

We were chosen to design and create the three-day event for over 400 dealers from across the UK. We used our own 212 Studios for the venues, which enabled us to create a unique and immersive event.

In the build-up, dealers used the bespoke app to select their day, time, and programme. For the design team this meant the creation of a complex matrix of sessions which fit the dealer’s needs.

The creative and production teams designed a series of indoor and outdoor experiences, all geared to equip the dealers with vital sales information they could use with their customers.

Studio 1 used stunning floor and wall projection to create different day-to-day environments for the vehicles. Studio 2 focused on the NEXO Hydrogen car - this lab-style setting saw how water from the car’s exhaust can be used to water plants. Studio 3 used digital technology and theatrical effects to compare the Hyundai products to their competitors.

In the large open production area we created the Hyundai street-themed areas. These areas showcased different models, and in-between we installed street food stalls with a local chef serving some incredible food.

Outside, we had an off-road challenge for dealers to use as they waited to take to the road in one of the three self-guided tours. We used a digital solution to direct the teams around the Worcestershire countryside, tracking them so back in the studio we could see on large screens each car’s location.

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