Internal Communications Campaign - Automotive

The solution

We created the JLR Molecule Man; a representative of all JLR employees and their unique DNA, that drives their ability to think differently and innovate. The character was created in digital 3D form, enabling us to manipulate the design through various forms of communication including online, print and animation.

The result was the creation of a visual design that was quickly understood by all and engaged audiences through various mediums to deliver a long-lasting, consistent and inspirational message.

The communications campaign was purposed to consolidate and rationalise multiple award streams into a national recognition event.

To do this, we delivered an online portal where line management and peer nominations could be submitted.

The multi-channel communications campaign utilised pre-existing internal platforms, including periodical, digital and social for advertorial, animated and vox-pop video teasers. Post event, the ‘7 steps to innovation glory’ exhibit was toured around JLR sites as a cascade campaign to highlight the successes of the Innovista model across the business.

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