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The solution 

Taking into consideration the necessary channels required to meet the needs of the workforce group, how they consume and access information, a new 'Your JLR' app was proposed as the ideal solution.

It allowed users to access news and updates as and when they liked, with content personalised and specific to their locations.

Its main features included: convenient hub for JLR content, easy access offers and discounts, access to company info on-the-go, easy access to internal vacancies, simple navigation to well being sites.

The app proved to be more than a channel for communication. The engagement tool kept employees at the forefront of developments at JLR, enriching users with company information on-the-go.

Employees also received ‘of the moment’ company notifications, alongside current vacancies, site information and additional employee support.

Company initiatives such as JLR-relevant wellbeing sites, including JLR mental health, and the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), were also supported. 

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