Incentive Travel Programme - Recruitment

The solution 

We proposed 4 destination options for the client, offering a variety of bespoke programmes that would appeal to all client demographics. Abu Dhabi was selected for its luxury feel and it’s total contrast to the previous years’ destination of Mexico.

We provided a full communications plan including a teaser video to launch the destination, a bespoke app to manage the registration process and pre, onsite and post trip communications. This ensured that the delegates felt connected to not only the onsite team but also their colleagues.

The previous years trip to Mexico included an all inclusive element that was not offered in the Abu Dhabi trip. Therefore, to manage expectations, we put more focus on the off-site venues.

The client had requested that a CSR activity was to be included in the program. We choose sunset yoga – the longer the delegates did the exercise, the client would donate more money to charity.

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