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The solution

It was agreed that film would be the best approach to engage the general public, visualising as much as possible the various impending changes, and explaining how every member of the public can do their bit to alleviate the pain.

The main challenge was that effectively, there was nothing to be filmed: most work hadn't started yet, and none of the benefits could be shown.

The solution was to be straight-talking and give the film a personal touch: no from-the-top-down communication with a raised index finger, no aloof voice over.

Instead, we wanted the audience to hear what's happening from the horse's mouth, and in a fun and engaging way.

We filmed the West Midlands 'very well-known and highly regarded Mayor, Andy Street, as well as the leader of Wolverhampton City Council, as simple pieces to camera - with a twist.

Both were filmed on a green screen background, so we could have graphical illustrations appear next to them. These images underpinned in a fun way the serious messages and brought to life future plans.

Moreover, we recorded the voices of real West Midlands’ citizens, warts and all. These authentic and relevant snippets of opinion were used as voice over for more illustrations, showing the frustrations of those having to deal with disruption.

This element brought much needed authenticity and credibility to the film, demonstrating that the WMCA is listening and understands people's concerns.

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