Novo Nordisk Digital Platform

Simpler is pretty much always better. So, when Novo Nordisk came to us looking for ways to simplify its approval process, we jumped at the opportunity. Together, we set out to eliminate inconsistencies, keep compliance in fantastic shape and remove all the complexity that had crept into the business’ digital systems.

Novo Nordisk and Meet Platform Logo
Mock-up of digital platform
Screenshots of digital platform

We assembled a terrific team of tech-savvy experts and built, from scratch, an event management website that spoke to the brand’s unique requirements. This wasn’t an off-the-shelf solution. Using an agile software methodology, we stayed flexible and built our solution brick by brick, adding features and improvements through development (and proving the same could be done post-launch).

Heaps of expertise went into the project, but you’re not here for that. Essentially, we delivered a final product was just the ticket for our client. It was highly secure across all levels, had robust data storage techniques, was super flexible and customisable, had loads of bespoke tools built in, streamlined processes and presented all sorts of opportunities for continued growth.

Mock up of digital platform
Picture of someone using the digital platform on an iPad
Screenshots of reports gathered from the digital platform

It was pretty special. And, no big surprises here, Novo Nordisk loved it. The platform’s been an absolute game changer with Novo Nordisk, which has seen a massive increase in productivity and compliance across all their teams using the app. MEET has saved countless hours of admin time and, using Novo Nordisk’s own calculation methods, it is estimated to have saved a total of £661,000 across the business in just 12 months. It’s only going to get better from here.