Strategic Planner

Your reason for being here…

The strategy makes it all worthwhile, bringing increased value to our creative solutions. Audiences will be compelled by what you help create for our clients because you understand the subject matter, you know the objectives and your thinking is perfectly aligned with that of the audience themselves. Simply put, you get more than our clients do and that’s why they need you!

The way you roll…

You’re the kind of person who can ignite our creative ideas by providing evidence-based substance. You carry those magical silver bullets, and aren’t afraid to use them. You’re able to comprehend reams of info into user-friendly gold and join the dots so our work will resonate powerfully with audiences. You can distill a creative brief and steer our teams with confidence.

Your ability to strategise on cross-channel comms is second to none, because you understand what should go where and why. Innovation is your middle name, well, not literally. You’re curious and always want to delve into the why. You think outside the box, because the box is what we already know.

How you make it all possible…

  • Working mainly with data and insight and collaborating closely with our Creative team, providing strategic guidance based on market needs, research trends and behaviours
  • Inspiring and supporting the Creative team to steer the direction of a campaign or channel output, justifying through knowledge and experience the choice of format, platform and orchestration of the message
  • Analysing the role and impact of various touch points and channels on client’s business and marketing strategies
  • Delivering planning at both implementation and strategic levels
  • Participating in, and leading, thought leadership initiatives and strategy workshop discussions with partners and clients
    Supporting the Head of Research and Insight and Head of Data with planning, data, research and insight; developing and championing the function both internally and externally
  • Driving content and channel strategy and talking confidently about all things KPI/Measurement/Objective focused
  • Interpreting research findings and generating consumer insight that enables creative communication solutions
  • Impressing clients with evidence-based recommendations that work successfully across all channels and generating competitor advantage
  • Synthesising and analysing, writing and presenting key findings with clarity to produce on-brand, onbudget strategies and insights
  • Helping develop page-turning reports which tell a story, get read, bookmarked and passed around
  • Leading and supporting proposals and pitches with best practice
  • Understanding clients’ needs, market, competitors, and customers, and keeping them happy with fantastic work and great communication

What’s in your toolbox…

  • Must have tons of similar through-the-line experience, ideally within an agency environment or marketing function (we need those dots joining up between strategy and creative) and a track record of successfully delivering strategic projects
  • Mega ability with different research methodologies and capable of knowing how and when to apply them
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to tell a story through insight and data
  • Broad spectrum understanding of technical and legal matters (in reference to communication and marketing in particular)
  • Ability to work across a broad range of client categories and a swathe of very different consumer groups
  • Extensive and practical marcomms knowledge; B2B and B2C, internal and external
  • An awareness of how different channels fit within the communications landscape
  • Outstanding writing, grammar and presentation skills
  • Strong interpersonal, pointing them in the right direction to deliver success
  • Responsive, creative problem-solving skills when working independently and in a team
  • Adaptability and multi-tasking skills when working under pressure and/or on extremely different projects
  • Active listening skills
  • Finger on the pulse with all external factors that may influence our clients/audiences/messaging - we know you won’t have a crystal ball but the ability to be convincing and knowledgeable with our clients will win them over

Get to know us…

We’re one of the most unexpectedly all-round capable communications agencies that’s been on the go for years – ever since our head honcho set up shop in a shed back in 1980, in fact. Since then, we’ve made it our mission to make anything possible for our many and varied clients, putting our creative flair into delivering strategic communication campaigns, digital solutions, film and videos, events, exhibitions, and a whole lot more in between. We’ve grown a lot, but we’ve kept everything that made us great, back from the very day we first started out. Our global HQ and largest studios are smack bang in the middle of the UK and well worth a visit to see for yourself!

Hang on, there’s more…

The role can be based from our Hartlebury, Manchester or London offices but there will be times when you’ll need to work from our other places and undertake other related commercial duties both in the UK and overseas. Flexibility is key! We’re a friendly team. We really, really welcome anyone who wants to become part of a brilliant company. If you’re passionate with a cracking drive to deliver on our ‘anything’s possible’ mindset, we’d love to hear from you!

DRPG is an equal opportunities employer. Data Security (not super exciting, but necessary).

At all times you must work within the guidelines set out in the DRPG Information Security Policy and your Employee Confidentiality Agreement. Failure to do so may be treated as gross misconduct. You must also work within the guidelines set out in DRPG’s Health & Safety Policy and Team Handbook.