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Recruitment – Finding the Perfect Fit

It is no secret that DRPG is all about people. The most important ingredient to a successful company is the talent that works under its name, keeping the cogs turning at all levels and producing great work, happy clients and commercial success. So, what exactly is the process of growing this type of culture and what goes in to bringing new people in to the DRPG family?

How we recruit:

We’re growing and the way that we recruit and promote is evolving every day. We advertise internally, on our website, on social media and through agencies. We try to recruit either internally or through our network first so we know we’re getting like-minded people, but even before we start advertising internally, we explore our internal talent to identify anyone with the relevant skills or who may be looking for a new opportunity.

Our inaugural recruitment day last year was a great success. We welcomed attendees to our global HQ in Hartlebury, keen to explore the opportunities we have on offer. A number of candidates have since joined us and are now successful employees. As we continue to recruit throughout the year, we often refer back to candidates that left a lasting impression, or we remember from the event.


As we grow the business, DRPG now has various sites in the UK and internationally. so we are looking at leveraging secondments more. We want to start sharing skills across the business and create consistency and integration with the companies that we have acquired.

Recruiting culture:

When it comes to the interview stage, we keep it as flexible and informal as possible. It is not about a stuffy question-based exercise. We want it to feel more like a conversation and we want it to flow naturally to build a relationship and rapport with the candidate rather than “can you answer all these questions yes or no, you can have the job”.

My focus is to provide support from a cultural perspective. The way that a candidate presents themselves and how they explain their experiences all lends to whether we think they will be a good cultural fit, so I attend in person for that purpose. The manager is there for the technical side to ensure that the candidate’s skills and experiences match what we’re looking for. I think that’s where we’re different to other businesses because we have that one person dedicated to cultural fit within the interviewing process.

When we are interviewing, we want to look beyond the candidate’s  CV - it’s all about the person. We’re looking to see if the person has similar values to us, and will they match our culture?


Values and attributes:

Teamworking, tenacity, flexibility, a will to do and a drive to make change are the most important factors I look for when recruiting. We are all doers here and no matter what level of the business you are, if you need help, everyone will get stuck in. You might have your core skills and work for a department, but when all hands are needed on deck, we all pull together. We look for people who are flexible, and that flexibility is returned in terms of our work structure and being able to work across lots of different projects and roles.

We usually have a profile; we know what we’re after from a candidate and what we’re looking to achieve from a role so we’re just looking for the right person to fit the opportunity. It’s just whether that person can leverage and deliver all the things that we’re looking for from that role.


DRPG is an equal opportunities employer and for us this isn’t just a statement on our website or job descriptions - we really mean it. We recruit people based on their personality and skills; it really is that simple.

We don’t care if you are pink, purple, green or have three legs and 12 arms. If you are capable of doing the job and you fit our culture, we will recruit you and we will do our best to support you to be successful. There is no tick box whatsoever.

Our team is made up of  an array of personalities from all sorts of different backgrounds and walks of life, but the one common denominator through all of our recruits is that they share similar intrinsic values that match ours and that helps us maintain the culture we have going forward.

"Teamworking, tenacity, flexibility, a will to do and a drive to make change are the most important factors we look for when recruiting."

Recruiting talent comes with all sorts of challenges, the main one being that we must make sure we are bringing in the right people, with the correct skills and the right culture to our constantly growing and evolving DRPG team.

Our DRPG Recruitment Day is on Wednesday July 3rd - come discover what we do at DRPG, meet some of the team and take a tour of our Global HQ. To register for the event or for more details click here.