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Learning & Development; a drp perspective…

Learning and development is a pivotal part of any modern business and when you have a multi-generational workforce, as most of us will have by 2020, you need to ensure that you create a learning strategy that caters for all your team’s needs, wherever they are in their career journeys.

Some of the key things to identify first are the unique behaviours, beliefs and practices of the company. There are so many factors that can affect a company’s culture, however, knowing your people, their styles and ways of learning, the ethos and feel, projects and achievements, are all elements that mould together to create a business and learning culture.

My main goal at drp is to create and drive exciting and engaging ways for people to learn and develop across our business. In order to achieve this, we need to build a culture where it’s second nature to be constantly learning, whether that’s on the job, on your phone, on work experience, doing an apprenticeship, in a meeting room or in a classroom – constant blended learning is the only way to go, and the ability to have visibility of what’s available to you and the chance to take ownership of your own career development.

Creating our own unique drp academy provides us with a one stop shop for learning & development. Over the next 12 months the learning landscape at drp will significantly change providing an on-demand learning platform and enhanced work experience and university programmes aimed to recruit the best people into our teams.

launching a new schools programme

We will be launching a new schools programme, with a range of exciting and interactive lunch & learn sessions to help our people better understand the business. We will be looking into a brand new junior development programme for our wider teams, along with new management development and leadership programmes to help develop our people where they need it most.

All learning and development tools will be created to suit the people at drp, using as many different learning medias as we can to help build their knowledge and skills set, and most importantly, having a system in place that is heavily utilised.

We know every learner has their own learning style, often influenced by their job, their education and their social lives. This governs the way in which they want to learn and how they have grown accustomed to taking in information. Ensuring we match the style of the development to the audience as much as we can is vital to the success of the drp academy.

A great example of this is using our new fun, engaging on demand e-learning platform. It’s a good tool to use alone, or as support for other forms of learning too and we intend to make sure as much of our learning is blended as possible.

We live in a world where everything is instant, right now, and more often than not interactive and visual. E-learning provides an instant hit that can be accessed at your desk, on the train, via your phone or tablet or whenever you want or need it. When you need to learn something fast, it doesn’t labour the point, it engages you with visuals and sounds and then it tests your knowledge too. And if you get interrupted…you can put it down and pick it right back up again where you left off.

traditional chalk

We’ve all conditioned ourselves through social media to learn like this, and if we go backwards and create yet more traditional chalk & talk workshops it won’t work – people just don’t learn like that anymore.

The topic of Gamification within learning and development is becoming a fast key way to learn.

By Jez Light - Learning and Development Manager

"Over the next 12 months the learning landscape at drp will significantly change providing an on-demand learning platform and enhanced work experience and university programmes aimed to recruit the best people into our teams."

Do you remember when you were a child and you learnt through play, competitions or games…?

Well, that is a proven way to help you learn and recall information. Gamification in learning and development can be as simple as card games, interactivity, quizzes and games or even simply an interactive way of testing knowledge, but it’s not going anywhere, and it’s making more and more of an appearance in modern day learning and development departments and will definitely form some of the content at drp.

Here at drp, we take pride in our mission statement of ‘anything’s possible’ and in this case, our possiblers learning & development will become as famous as the company they work for.

Strong, future-focused companies want to help their people grow, and although investing into your people may seem expensive now, the long-term outcome of keeping a motivated workforce engaged, up to date, full of energy to learn and bursting with new skills and knowledge is priceless.