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Ich Bin Ein Frankfurter…

Exploring global comms

No, I have not become a sausage. Although that does sound wonderful. And delicious…

I write this blog on a plane returning from a fantastic meeting with a client in Frankfurt.

In any one week, we can be working with clients in the US, Australia, Sweden, Qatar or Singapore. Sometimes we even go to Swindon….

The reason for this blog is to share some thoughts on what we are becoming at drp, a truly global brand. What does it mean to be global? What differences does it mean to how we work, and how we think?

Well…not as much as you’d imagine. We have never been more connected culturally. Generation Z is built on bytes, not borders. And as communicators, tapping into what makes the world click is a clear expectation.

What is great about working more internationally is opportunity. If we break down what it is to move people, provoke them to think differently, act differently and be different. It’s really quite simple. Where many communicators fall down, is not in being too global. But rather, being too local.

New York. Tokyo. Stourbridge

If we perceive the world to be inset, static cultural chunks – we miss the point entirely.
Yes, we must be wise to nuances in how cultures work – but there is so much that connects us that communicating cross-borders can be simple and powerful.
New York. Tokyo. Stourbridge.

While we work out of a hangar (albeit jazzy)  in the West Midlands, our work is connected to the world. The reason we can have such influence with mega-brands is that we can demonstrate the ability to solve problems and seize opportunities. This is a skill that can replicated in any environment, for any client.

We mustn’t forget what makes us great when we step out of borders. Many agencies become someone else when they leave home.

At drp, we take a piece of us in the hand luggage. In light of our growing international standing, I’d like to share five top tips for global comms currency.

1) Be yourself 
No one likes a vanilla agency, or a bland communication. So be proud of what makes you / your offering unique. Wear that lederhosen, rock that top hat. The world appreciates personality, so avoid ‘over adapting’ and thereby ‘under inspiring’ your audience. Take what makes you sparkle on the global stage by remaining authentic, sharing your insights, your experience, your je ne sais quoi. Your clients will appreciate it, and it’ll mean smoother ways of working in the future. People invest in people they like. Be likeable and communicate in a likable way.

2) Data, Data, Data
There is so much information available, there really is no excuse for not tracking global net trends. Make sure that you always have your finger on the pulse of local and global insights. You’ll soon find thattrends work in global waves, so ensure you always know what’s coming, and learn from what’s past. Make sure you’re considering web factors and social, as often one will lead the other in people’s tastes, attitudes, expectations and psychology.

3) Throw yourself in  
Like all Brits abroad, it can be daunting to give the local language a try. The same goes for communication. But when all’s said and done, everybody recognises and appreciates effort. Don’t be afraid to test and learn. All communication is part heart and part science. If you don’t venture out, you’ll never get the best alchemy for you. So, get yourself in there and get to know the people you’re communicating with. Where they are. What they eat. Their trashy TV. The works.

By Tommy Moore - Creative Director

"Bravery is the currency of powerful global comms. Fortune favours it. Or so the classicists say."

4) Trust what works 
Humans are humans. And if all else, remembering that as you work is very helpful. It can be easy to twist yourself into knots considering ramifications on the back of ramifications. As professional storytellers. As consummate comms professionals – you should believe in what you know works.

5) Be brave 
Bravery is the currency of powerful global comms. Fortune favours it. Or so the classicists say. So above all else, take a pioneer spirit to where you work, what you do, and who you do it with. The rules of commerce are universal. If you do it first, and you do it best, you’re doing it right.

That’s all for now folks. Tune in next week for more ‘Wish you were here’…