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Empower Your People

The biggest and best asset a company can have is its team. It may be an obvious statement, but investing in your team is one of the most valuable investments you can make as a business. Investing in their wellbeing, goals, and development will give you an invaluable return like no other. When your team is happy, achieving and developing in their role, and within the company, in turn they are more productive. Similarly, when they are being productive, and are enthusiastic about what they are doing, they’re happy. It is essential to be aware of this – both happiness and productivity are interlinked.

With this in mind, there are key elements to ensuring that your team feel happy, nurtured and empowered in their roles and in the business. First of all, as mentioned, there needs to be a consistent and active investment in every team member. Last year alone, 
drp invested £200K into training for the drpteam and it’s worth every penny! Whether it is management training, or specific training within their role – from Marketing to Design to Digital – each team member has requested what they would like to learn or improve upon, and we have listened.

Drp Team

Be open. Remaining open and communicating well with your team is crucial to ensuring that they truly feel that their contribution matters not just to their team, but to the business as a whole. This means clarity on business goals, and what the whole company is working towards together. It also means remaining honest and sharing both positive and negative news. For your team to truly feel empowered and able to work autonomously, they must acknowledge and understand what they are working towards. So, regularly share your business’ short-term and long-term plans. This way, your team will be able to understand their role within that plan. It will help to cement their understanding of the business, and how their role and their team have an important role to carry out within the business.

By being clear with your team about your business goals, they are, in turn, able to see how the aims, expectations and goals within their roles fit into the bigger picture. Aims and expectations are pivotal to the success of your team and your company. Establish a way to evaluate the team and to ascertain how well each individual is performing in their role. This process will give your people direction and structure. Our people are directly aligned with the overall objectives of the business and are actively involved in delivering them. Regular updates and small task forces which involve everyone in a variety of issues creates a ‘one team’ approach, which supports our vision of being the company of choice.

In setting aims and objectives though, you must provide feedback. For your team to succeed, they need constructive, specific feedback on a regular basis. This informs and helps them to improve their performance, as well as maintain confidence and morale within their team. 5 years ago, we reevaluated our appraisal process and we turned to the team for help. We ran a session for the whole company to redesign the appraisal system. Within a very short space of time we had the solution – a solution which adapts to the person’s needs and ambitions. Each team member is in the driving seat; they select how they would like their appraisals to be structured, including the frequency and if they would like 360 reviews. The key to empowering your employees is to have a process and support system in place that allows them to succeed in their role. With this support system, each individual will be able to tangibly see their progress and the areas that they perhaps need to improve upon.

"At drp, our people really are our biggest asset – we put our team first, who in turn put our clients first. "

At drp, our people really are our biggest asset – we put our team first, who in turn put our clients first. It’s not about choosing people for their skills but bringing people on board who live and breathe your values. It is vital for success that you operate as one team. Even though we have different divisions, sometimes working independently, we are going to be judged on our overall performance as one team. A happy and motivated team is key in achieving business objectives, and continued investment in people is essential.

First published in Exhibition News Magazine – ‘People Management’