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drpbigtalk 2017

The very first ‘drpbigtalk’ took place in September 2016 at our Midlands HQ in Hartlebury. It was an unprecedented opportunity for us to bring together our current and prospective clients, local and industry press, to showcase our people, products, and our new place in the form of an office expansion across our 212 headquarters. 2016’s ‘drpbigtalk’ was such a huge success, revealing our capabilities through speaker sessions and workshops, before tours and live entertainment, we simply had to do it again!

Welcome #drpbigtalk17.

bigtalk17’ live in action:

For ‘drpbigtalk’ 2017, our intent was to saturate the day with even more insights, with client panels, and speakers, to really ‘wow’ our clientele. The day was hosted by guest TV presenter Juliet Morris, who is a BBC television presenter and famous for shows such as Countryfile and The House Detectives, followed by a selection of leading panellists and experts within the industry.

The individual breakout sessions

The individual breakout sessions were a huge focus of the day and delegates had to choose 4 out of 7 sessions. Guests were given the opportunity to pre-book the sessions that they wanted to attend, as they would all be running at separate times. The individual sessions were presented by, businesswoman and academic writer, Eliza Filby, as well as Caspar Berry, a motivational business speaker specialising in topics surrounding leadership and innovation. The day also included individual sessions by various drpemployees. Callum Gill, drp’s Head of Insight and Innovation, hosted the ‘50/50 Vision’ session, revealing predictions in the future of tech in the next 50 years, Creative Director Richard Hingley, hosted ‘The Risk of Creativity’, Julie Davidson and Tommy Moore provided insight during their session, ‘C is for Comms, Ben Wallace and Matt Hayward hosted ‘The Digital Recipe for Success’ and finally, I hosted the panel discussing ‘A Smarter Measure of Success’.

TV style panel in Studio 3

After the individual sessions, we were all reunited with a TV style panel in Studio 3, which I took part in alongside the other six speakers who had been running their workshops in the afternoon.

The evening began with reception drinks, and final session from presenter, writer and journalist Martin Sixsmith, who used to be the director of communications for Tony Blair’s government and wrote in the TV show ‘in the thick of it’ and film ‘Philomia’

Throughout the day, the use of social media was another focal point of the event. We encouraged our guests to use #drpbigtalk17 on all social handles, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This kept the conversation flowing throughout the day and had a major impact, as we were communicating both online and offline, about communicating! The use of the business cards to promote the hashtag, as well as the #selfiebubble received some great responses and everyone got involved.

Why ‘drpbigtalk’?

The importance of having an event such as ‘drpbigtalk’ is simple. It gives our clients a chance to see first-hand how drp is constantly striving to be the best for them, and live to our *anything’s possibleethos and be seen as thought leaders. Our overarching aim is to create an event that is informative, engaging, and that people gain valuable insights from that they can use. It’s all about creating a partnership with your clients, and delivering on your promise.

Overall, ‘drpbigtalk17’ has received nothing but positive feedback from industry professionals and clients. I’d like to say thank you all those who attended, and we look forward to presenting you with drpbigtalk18’.