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Courage and strength…our common values!

One might say that the media has a way of focusing on all of the bad news in the world, rather than the good news that is happening. What we should be reporting on is that, despite the negative incidents throughout the world recently, the positive news and people we could be celebrating can often far outweigh the occasional disasters we hear about.

Whilst the current climate of the world does feel a bit uneasy at the moment with political disparity for example, I won’t waste my breath with it, as it is all a bit of a shambles, if you ask me. Instead, why not focus on how incredible our emergency services are and why not champion the local communities who have responded to all the attackers attempting to draw us apart?

Before the political upsets, we had the terror attacks, which have brought such sadness to many people’s lives, having either lost loved ones due to these cruel and evil acts, or left injured and scarred with cruel memories of it. Nothing can help to justify what has happened, but the love and support of other people can hopefully bring some comfort to those who’ve suffered or witnessed the incidents. Lingering on negativity and increasing fear seems absurd when in fact most of us are still optimistic and have faith in others and the security our police forces provide us, for instance.

Grenfell Tower

Last Wednesday, we awoke to hear of the terrible fire which occurred in west London in the Grenfell Tower. People living in their homes were in substantial risk before it happened, and investigations are now taking place to discover how this could have been overlooked, such as the inadequate health and safety of the building. The death toll is rising daily.

Once again, we were all blown away by the way in which our emergency services dealt with the situation. A response time of under 8 minutes, it’s impeccable, just as the recent attack on London Bridge had a response time of 6 minutes. These people are putting their own lives at risk to help others and bring them to safety. They willingly, benevolently protect us every day. Not everyone person would do this or have the courage.

The London Fire Brigade tirelessly rescued those stuck inside Grenfell Tower and did not give a second thought to their own lives being at risk. They all knew that they were entering into a high risk situation. But with their strength and courage, again, they just get on with their jobs.

It’s amazing how, when a crisis happens, humans have the ability to act upon it and have the urge to help. Whether this is putting ourselves at risk to help, organising shelter or clothing for those who have lost everything, or setting up fundraising pages and creating awareness of those in need. We have the ability to do this and care for others, while at other times we can be so divided as humans.

I know at times it’s hard to see whether or not there will ever be stability in this world we live in. It feels as if every week we are awaking to another sad story, with the incident for this week being the terrible act carried out in Finsbury Park. The common theme and thread running through all of this is innocent people being punished or hurt for going about their everyday life.

By Ryan Curtis-Johnson - Head of PR and Marketing

"We must remember this, regardless of this unstable and rather wobbly world we’re living in; we will carry on regardless, love always conquers, and kindness costs nothing"

But, we must hold onto our ability to stand together to help, and our unfailing ability to pull together when a crisis occurs. Put simply: our courage and strength to get on, or deal with what is happening. We shall not be beaten down, and we’ll keep getting back up and dusting ourselves off

Regardless of our own faith, opinions or general way of life, we all have one common attribute: the majority of us do not want to see suffering, or people being hurt for no reason.

We must remember this, regardless of this unstable and rather wobbly world we’re living in; we will carry on regardless, love always conquers, and kindness costs nothing. Our strength and courage together helps us to stand as one!